Black Panels Only Flying Bat Mult DIY Kit!

from Tommy Creep

Create your very own passive flying bat multiple! Turn 1 signal into 4 signals with this spooky bat for your rack!

I was going to sell them pre-built but I discovered I suck at soldering (and gluing). I was able to build 2 for myself but it took me a long time- I think you'll do better.

It's easy in principle- you just glue the jacks down, solder the wires out the outer legs, to the outer legs and the inner legs to the inner legs. Add some heatshrink and some glue to stop the wires jiggling about and you'll end up with a little bat that you're proud of! Looks super cool with some transparent cables.

The "kit", if you can call it that, includes 1 x acrylic bat charm, 5 x mono jack sockets and some pre-cut wires and heatshrink from when I naively thought i'd smash out 10 of them in a couple of hours- oh and a printout of some lovingly hand-written and illustrated instructions.

I was able to build two and they work well for me but i'm pretty far from a professional so do this at your own risk.

Only 6 kits available. Good luck!

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