Tales from Blood City

by Tommy Creep



October 31st 2083. Government testing disguised as a terrorist attack devastates a once peaceful yet thriving city. Quickly sealed off from the rest of the world to stop the radiation from spreading; those who survived were left to fight over the remaining resources.

Lingering radiation casts a perpetual, eerie hue over the clouds above. Towering skyscrapers, once symbolic of the cities success, now crumbling, jagged teeth, piercing the crimson skyline. Strange creatures lurk in the dark recesses of the city. Human survivors dwindle in numbers, hunted by those who suffered bizarre mutations from the attack.

Spooky Jim’s Halloween Store- located in the North of the city, it used to be constantly full with laughing and screaming children. Now the dwelling of mutant-trick-or-treaters, Halloween masks melted to their face, rubber fused with skin, only they know just how much humanity remains behind the mask. Large in numbers, they are not to be trusted. They make deals with other gangs, trading drugs grown in their pumpkin patch. Wherever they go, trails of blood and candy-corn are left behind, marking their territory.

Once voted the safest city in the world. A place where the sun was always shining and even though there was never enough time in the day for the busy inhabitants, everyone would smile as they went about their business.

Utopia- the name given to the flourishing park and woods in the center of the city; was a place where the people could escape from the busy commerce of the city. A brief respite from the car fumes and noise, where one could sit among greenery- vibrant trees and flowers. Now grey, wilting plants and scorched earth surrounds the black, leafless, woodland.
Now the turf of the Moonlight Furies, some say that they can turn into wolves at will, though it is said that if you encounter them in wolf-form, it will be the last encounter you have.

Perhaps the least affected by the attack were those who now reside in the Midnight Tower. Among the wealthiest in the city before that day, their wealth gave them control and influence upon the goings-on in the city. Rumours say that they received warning of the impending attack and so were able to prepare for it. It is unknown whether their feeding habits are a result of the radiation or whether it predates the attack. Some say that they created the mask of peace that the city once had, violently persuading those that would seek to disrupt it, to hide their sinister activities. Now the mask has gone and they have come out of the shadow, with no one to stop them from indulging in their destructive desires.
They reside at the top of the tallest, most secure building in the city. With its blacked out windows, it is a foreboding monolith. Gangs have tried to lay siege to it but none have been successful. They keep human slaves to feed from, with promises of continued protection.

The Sewer-Fish. Once human, on that ill-fated day they fled underground in an attempt to survive the attack. Disappearing into the sewers that run beneath the city, they managed to evade death, but not without consequences. Only venturing above ground when desperate for food, they rely on brute strength due to their stench rendering them incapable of stealth. They say that once you smell them, it is already too late.

Word on the street is that those of the Midnight Tower are planning something big. Trying to take out each gang one by one. There are hardly enough humans to go round as it is. The Sewer Fish were the first to suffer. They took over part of the sewer system, killing 8 of the ‘Fish. They converted some of their human slaves and forced them to stay underground to defend the newly gained turf.

A war erupts in the middle of the streets. As the gangs clash, the remaining human survivors attempt to make their escape…


released April 13, 2015




Tommy Creep UK

Electronic music inspired by horror and the occult.

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